Dating back to the 1930s, old home movie film allowed families to create their own motion pictures of everyday life and special occasions. In fact, many families have a substantial part of their history captured on 8mm film and most of these reels are gathering dust somewhere in their homes.

If you have old movies shot on 8mm film, you may not have watched them in a while and you may be disappointed when you do decide to relive those memories. While 16mm and 8mm film are more robust than videotape, most films of this type are decades old and will soon reach the end of their natural life.

Another problem with 8mm film is that it can be difficult to track down the right equipment to watch it on. However, there is a solution to the problem: convert your 8mm film to digital.

Preserve Your Old Movie Footage For Generations to Come

The footage stored on 8mm film is often priceless. From special family moments to amateur attempts at recreating a Hollywood blockbuster, these are memories that should be preserved and protected for future generations to watch and appreciate.

By transferring 8mm film to digital you can ensure that your memories last a lifetime and are easy to watch whenever the mood takes you. Converting your old 8mm film to a more modern format is actually much easier than you might think, especially when you use professional transfer services. Dust off those precious home movies and films today and protect the precious memories of yesterday.

The Benefits of Transferring 8mm to DVD

There are many benefits to transferring your 8mm film to a digital format. Not only will transferring to more robust and reliable media protect your memories, but it will also make them easier to share with others. That’s not to mention the compact size of DVDs compared to huge film reels that take up space.

Here are those benefits in more detail:

DVD lasts a lifetime: Unlike film reels that can deteriorate over time, DVDs can last for up to 200 years. That means reliable playback every time and no more worrying about damaging your tape each time you play the reels.

No projector required: If you don’t own a projector of your own, it can be hard to track one down. DVD eliminates the need for old or obsolete equipment and can be watched on a multitude of devices that you already have in your home.

Share easily with others: 8mm film has immortalized special moments in life that may otherwise have been forgotten. Sharing these faded memories with others can bring back strong feelings of happiness and nostalgia and rekindle some great stories from the past. DVDs of your old movies also make fantastic gifts and can be copied as many times as you need.

Choose a digital format: Your 8mm film can be transferred to a variety of digital formats, including DVD, Blu-Ray and digital media file.

The 8mm to DVD Conversion Process in a Nutshell

Hold an 8mm reel in one hand and a DVD in the other and you might think it impossible to transfer footage from one to the other. In fact, the process is fairly simple with the right equipment and knowledge. To get the best quality and save time and money, leave the hard work to a professional 8mm to DVD transfer company.

It all starts with deciding which films you want to recreate in a digital format. You may want to test the process with just one reel to see if you are happy with the service or hand over your entire collection to receive the digital treatment. The most important thing is to choose a video service company with years of experience and the latest equipment.

  • The process of transferring your 8mm footage may differ between companies, but will typically include:
  • Cleaning and splicing: Before any film is transferred to a digital format it must be inspected and cleaned to ensure the highest quality output. Smaller reels may often be spliced together.
  • The conversion process: Once all film has been prepared, it is ready to be converted for transfer to DVD or another digital format of your choice. Using the latest hardware and state-of-the-art conversion software, your 8mm footage will be captured ready for transferring to its new home.
  • Creating the digital copy: All captured film footage will now be transferred to DVD, Blu-Ray or a digital file. You can choose a combination of all three formats if you wish!
  • Transfer complete! Your new digitized footage is now ready to watch to your heart’s content or share with others. It is protected and preserved and will stay that way for many years.

There is No Time Like the Present to Protect the Past

Timeless memories deserve special treatment. Don’t risk yours fading away and being forgotten. By arranging 8mm to digital transfer, you can be sure the memories of the past will be captured and protected for future generations to enjoy. Whether you have 8mm, Super 8, 16mm or 9.5mm film, all can be transferred to a modern digital format.

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