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DVD Authoring

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Corporate Events

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Video is one of the most effective ways to tell your story in a creative and instantly engaging way. If you’re considering a corporate video, a promotional video or a video to commemorate a special family event, we can help.

At Envision, we offer video production services that will give you tangible results, whether you’re looking to showcase your products, tell a moving story or create a training program. We offer all the video production services you need under one roof, including video editing and DVD authoring.

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Once we have completed shooting your video, it’s time to edit the raw footage and add the finishing touches. We offer a wide range of editing services, all from our fully equipped studio. Whether you’d like to add a music track, commentary, on-screen text or any other post-production additions you would like to make, we can provide those services to you.

DVD Authoring

Video production services have evolved significantly over the years, and there’s one video format you can rely on to give you maximum exposure — DVD. Convenient, compact and compatible with a wealth of devices, DVD is the perfect way to present your video. We offer a full DVD authoring service including on-screen menus, artwork, styling and transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray Disc.

Recruiting Videos

Show potential teams and scouts what you’re all about with a recruiting video. We can create a reel that shows off your hard work, dedication and passion for sports. We’ll work closely with you to create a recruiting video that is viewable, shareable and meant to impress college athletic organizations.

Event Recording

There is nothing quite like watching a video of a special event and reliving wonderful moments over and over again. No matter what the occasion, our event recording services will ensure every magical moment is captured for posterity. Our video experts use the latest video and audio equipment to record every detail of your special event. We then take that raw footage to create something truly spectacular in our editing suite. From family celebrations to corporate events, our video production services are discreet, professional, and tailored to suit your requirements.

Corporate Videos

Every company has a story to tell. No matter what the industry, company history or size, your organization is unique. Let us help you to tell that story in a compelling and exciting way with a corporate video. More and more companies are choosing video as an effective means to share information and reach their target audience. From showcasing your products to telling the world about your recent achievements, our video production services can be tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

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