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What Makes Envision Different?

Globally Acclaimed Video Services

Envision Video Services is an award-winning studio located in Bergen County, New Jersey. A local favorite for video production services, Envision has grown into an internationally awarded destination for video transfer services. Operating for over 10 years, Envision employees offer nearly a century of cumulative experience.

When you choose Envision, you’re guaranteed top quality services and the highest level of respect. Known for their expertise in transfer services and loved for their second-to-none customer service – Envision is the first choice of individuals and companies alike.

Professional Services & Personable Solutions

Envision Video Services specializes in a unique set of skills. Our level of expertise is evident in the services we provide, as well as our professional staff providing them. All members of the Envision staff are academically-trained, many having graduated from four-year universities that offer prestigious video and film programs. Each staff member is a virtuoso in their role. The result is video services that continue to win awards at a local, national and global level. Don’t settle for anything less.

The Envision Promise

When you choose Envision Video Services – you are not just another customer. The reels, slides, videos and photos you’re giving us represent cherished moments in your life. We’re excited to assist you in traveling back to those times and do so with professionalism and courtesy. We view the opportunity to provide video services as an honor, but don’t just take it from us! Here’s what our customers have to say…



Envision Video Services

Revisit your past in a vibrant new light

Whether you’re seeking transfer services for home videos or editing a film production, Envision Video Services can restore and enhance your footage, bringing it back to life. See your memories in a beautiful new light, thanks to the expert transfer services performed in our studio. Envision Video Services is the primary choice of New Jersey and beyond!


Our customers count on us for a variety of video production services


Transfers aren’t just a service we provide – they’re our specialty.

Envision Video Services - video transfer
Don’t wait and run the risk of losing footage that you can never get back. No matter the original format or the number of tapes in your collection, we can transfer your home videos to DVD or to the digital file format of your choosing.Your privacy is our priority. When you use our video services, your footage is never outsourced or sent to any other location. All transfer services are completed in our studio and in our state-of-the art transfer facility, which is conveniently located in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.
Envision Video Services - International Conversions
Whether you have family overseas or are doing traveling yourself, we can transfer your videos and convert them into an international format. Possible formats include NTSC, PAL and SECAM.Likewise, if you have footage in an international format already, we can convert your video so it’s playable on systems in the United States.
Envision Video Services Film transfer
Many of us have home movies that are wound up on reels, deteriorating and collecting dust. Envision Video Services is not limited to home video transfers on VHS, Mini-DV or BetaMax; we also digitize 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film. Simply select DVD or digital format and we’ll do the rest.Enjoy your old films again and again, without the hassle of setting up the projector or the risk of damaging the film. Once your old film is transferred to the digital format of your preference, they’ll forever be at your fingertips, easily accessed whenever you need them. Let Envision restore and transfer your home movies on film and show your children what life was like when you were their age.
Envision Video Services cassette transfer
Feeling nostalgic? Looking to free up space? Transfer an old mixtape or cassette collection onto a CD, MP3 for iTunes, or any other format.
Envision Video Services LP transfer
Our audio transfer services extend to LP, vinyl records and other legacy formats. Pick the file format of your preferred choice and we will do the rest. Don’t wait for time to erode them!
Envision Video Services duplication
Have old family recordings locked away on ¼” tape? Let Envision bring the voices from the past back to life with a transfer to CD, MP3 or any other format. It’s like traveling back in time.
Envision Video Services Photo slides
A picture is worth a thousand words. Each of these pictures represents a personal memory of a person, place, or event in your family’s life. Preserving memories is our specialty. Our Photo / Slide transfer services is second to none. We approach photo and slide transfer services as if they were our personal memories. Each image is processed individually, guaranteeing the best quality possible. Experience the Envision difference and order your photo/slide transfer services now.

Not from the area?

No problem! If you have an address or PO Box, you’re qualified to be an Envision Video Services customer. Get your video transferred without leaving the comfort of your home; no lines, no traffic, no waiting. Just click the order button below and we will guide you through the simple process.



Family Films make great gifts!

Homepage duplication

Just transferred your Home Movies to DVD and need extra copies for the entire family? Our duplication services can make an extra set for everyone, and have it ready with your original transfer order. Each Disc is a master disc with no degradation. When it comes to duplication, Envision Video is the choice of individuals and businesses alike.

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Video Tape Repair

Did you know video can deteriorate in as little as ten years?

Envision Video Services Video tape repair

Among the pile of video tapes collecting dust is probably one or two damaged video cassettes. While you may not know how to fix a video tape properly, you have found the experts who do. Our trained technicians possess the tools and skills to restore seemingly hopeless tapes.

We can repair almost any video and save the footage captured. With special tools in our studio, many seemingly destroyed videos have been brought back to life. Turn those damaged video tapes into a restored DVD or digital file with Envision Video Services.

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Video Editing

A post-production asset & Envision specialty

Envision Video Services Video editing

Video editing can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Using non-linear editing systems in our studio, we offer a variety of video editing services. Envision provides video editing services for all types of projects, including tv commercials, music videos, corporate videos, web commercials, social media clips, movie trailers, documentaries, sports highlight reels and more!

Interested in special effects?

No problem. Video editing services with Envision gives you a wide array of possibilities:

Special Effects • Voice-Over • Music
Dissolves • Wipes • Titles
Slow or Fast Motion • Split Screens
Loops • Green Screen

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Video Production Services

NJ’s Video Production Experts

Video production homepageWe use the highest-standard of cameras, audio equipment and digital editing systems to produce videos that seem as if they came from Hollywood. On the corporate or commercial side, we can cost-effectively produce videos of business meetings and seminars, training sessions, sales presentations, trade shows, commercials and other events. On the consumer side, we can shoot, produce and edit videos of parties and other special events, such as anniversaries, graduations, promotions, award ceremonies, etc.

Not sure exactly what to do with your footage?

Envision Video Services Video editing 2

We are passionate about video production! Our creative staff looks forward to each project to use their talents and produce award winning videos. Come in and speak with us. Together we will come up with the perfect solution, helping you get the most out of your video footage.

We recommend calling ahead for video editing services. Being that different projects require various time to complete, it is always better to error on the side of caution. We strive to provide the highest quality video editing services in the shortest amount of time.

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