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Envision Video Services provides top quality film and slide transfer services. When it comes to preserving your valuable memories, digitalization is the safest option. We are professionals at digitalizing old photos, digitalizing and converting video to digital, as well as audio files and take pride in every job we complete….

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conservationist or hoarder?

Are You a Conservationist or a Hoarder?

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Conservation vs. Hoarding: Are You Walking a Fine Line? Preserving valuable and meaningful things is a normal and healthy practice: oftentimes, however, conservation leads to hoarding. Are you a conservationist or a hoarder? Conservation can simply be defined as saving with a purpose – not just hard and tangible items,…

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preserving your memories includes digitizing old photos like this family photo

Preserving Your Valuable Memories

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When was the last time you reminisced — looked at old photographs, watched treasured videos, or listened to that special soundtrack? While we all have valuable memories, it’s not often that we break out the old photo album. As these cherished items sit in a storage box, however, they can…

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vhs conversion service

How Much Does a VHS Conversion Cost?

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Today, your VCR may be chugging along just fine, playing your old home movies without incident, but tomorrow may be a different story. If that trusty old VCR breaks, finding a new one to watch your cherished memories will be difficult. Instead, you should invest in new technology that will…

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