When was the last time you reminisced — looked at old photographs, watched treasured videos, or listened to that special soundtrack? While we all have valuable memories, it’s not often that we break out the old photo album. As these cherished items sit in a storage box, however, they can become destroyed over time. Preserving your valuable memories means generations to come can enjoy them, too.

Preserving Memories: How Digitalization Can Help

The best way to preserve these memories is to go digital. Converting your photos, videos, or music to digital files ensures that with time, your memories are safely preserved. There are many added benefits to digitalizing your files. Digitalizing your memories makes reminiscing so much easier: rather than digging in storage until you find a particular photo album, you can simply open a computer – or even better – your phone or tablet and find all you’re searching for. With digitalizing files, you can also duplicate and share your treasured memories with loved ones. An old photo, or a memorable music track, can make for a perfect gift: by digitalizing your files, you can not only gift these memories, but also keep copies for your own safe-keeping.

After digitalizing photos, the next question you may be wondering about is how to preserve the physical copies. Photos are composed of very delicate materials, and as a result, even the minor factors can have major results on the preservation of your photos. The most important thing is to control the environment in which you store your photos. Be weary of basements and attics, as moisture, humidity, and heat can destroy photographs. Being organized and neat can also be as important as storage: conservationists almost unanimously agree that cardboard boxes are better for storage than plastic bins, which can accumulate mold easily.

When it comes to preserving your valuable memories, digitalization is the safest option. We, at Envision, are professionals at digitalizing old photos, digitalizing and converting video, as well as  audio files. Contact us online or call us today (201-340-5161) to discuss affordable options!

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