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Digitize your old photos. By converting your photos and pictures to digital you’re preserving the past.

Unless you were born in the digital age and have only ever taken photos using a digital device, there is a good chance you are the proud owner of many printed photos. Wouldn’t it be great if you could scan pictures to digital formats and be able to share these photos easily with others and preserve these special moments for many years and generations to come?

Whether you took your photos on a single-use disposable camera or your own film camera, any photos you have in printed format can be scanned and converted to a digital format. You can choose to have your photos converted to DVD or as individual images on a USB stick that you can store easily and share with others effortlessly. How wonderful would it be to share those cherished family memories with loved ones or post to your social media account? When you digitize old photos you give them a new lease on life and create more possibilities for viewing, storing and sharing. Along with our services to convert photos to digital formats, we can also restore old pictures, bringing new life to old memories.

Open a Digital Window to the Past

Photographs are a window to the past, they remind us of special moments shared with family and fun times with friends, and bring memories flooding back of events and people we may have forgotten. When you digitize old photos, you make these moments instantly accessible across a wide range of devices and protect them for years to come.

Arranging for your photos to be digitized is easy today thanks to professional photo scanning services that can digitize old photos for you. Using a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and traditional techniques, your photos will be preserved, duplicated and revitalized. Your original copies will be returned back to you in the same condition in which they were received. A great deal of care and attention is taken when we scan pictures and convert photos to digital: your precious memories are in safe hands.

Digitize Any Number of Old Photos

Whether you have one special photo or many albums to convert to digital format, we can arrange professional digitization of the highest standard. At Envision, we have brought wonderful memories back to life for countless customers in New Jersey, and we would be delighted to do the same for you. Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about our photo transfers, photo restoration, and photo scanning services to preserve those magical moments for future generations to enjoy.

Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about our photo transfers, photo restoration, and photo scanning services to preserve those magical moments for future generations to enjoy.

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Our photo transfer service allows you to digitize old photos so they can be viewed without risk of damage, fading, tearing or discoloration. We will work carefully with each photograph, digitally preserving it and storing it on DVD, Blu-Ray or a USB memory stick, whichever you prefer. Once we have digitized your photos, you can share them, publish them online, print duplicates, use them as your mobile phone wallpaper and more.


Our photo and slide keepsake presentations make wonderful gifts. From rekindling forgotten memories with loved ones to creating a hilarious or touching video montage of the bride and groom’s younger years at their wedding, we can create a heartfelt keepsake that will go on giving joy for many years to come. Just select your favorite photos and put them in order that tells your story the best, then add some music to reflect the mood. Send your photos and soundtrack to us and we’ll do the rest!

Restoration & Duplication

If your favorite photos have started to lose a little of their luster, we may be able to restore them to their original glory with our photo restoration and enhancement services. We work with old photos every day, bringing them back to life so that you no longer have to worry about losing those memories. You can choose to digitize old photos or to order physical copies of your favorite memories. This is a great way to preserve the past and share it with others.

Your memories matter and we're here to help.