VHS tapes used to be the main tool for watching and recording videos. You could use them in cameras to document important events. They were sturdy, durable, and easy to use.

As technology improved, VHS tapes were replaced with DVDs and USB drives. These are smaller, lighter-weight ways to access entertainment and record events. Finding a VHS player to play VHS tapes has also gotten harder as DVDs and computers have become the dominant media devices.

If you have a collection of VHS tapes that you want to save as we get further into the digital age, converting VHS to USB is a great solution. You might be asking yourself – how much does it cost to convert VHS to USB? We will walk you through everything you need to know to convert your VHS tapes and save those memories for a lifetime.

Converting VHS to USB at Home

Videotape transfer does have an at-home, do-it-yourself option. As long as you have a working camcorder or VCR you can transfer the video using a USB capture device and hard drive.

USB capture devices are available online and can range from $10-$70 or more, depending on the capture quality. The  higher priced devices tend to provide a better quality. Something that might be important to you when you are considering capturing your irreplacable family memories.

If you have a lot of VHS tapes to transfer, this could be the more economic option for you. Rather than paying a price per VHS, you pay once for the converter. Once you have the converter, you can transfer as many VHS tapes as you want.

The main drawback with this option is that at a consumer level, the device options are limited and.  It can become harder to justify purchasing a professional converter device when the prices start to reach $2000 to $3000 (what a professional quality converter costs on average).

Another drawback with this option is you have to be technologically savvy to get the process done. If you have a difficult time with technology, it might be beneficial to use a professional transfer service company instead.

Using a brick-and-morter Store to Transfer VHS to USB

When you go in to a physcial store to convert a VHS to USB, your VHS will most likely be shipped off to another location for the conversion. Some of the most common places to drop your tapes off for VHS transfer are Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, and CVS.

Each price is based on the number of 2-hours  video tapes you plan to convert. Converting to USB is a great option because you can easily put the videos onto your computer. DVD conversion is the next best option because you can watch things on your television and many computers have DVD slots.


Walmart offers everything except blu-ray conversion. They charge $45.30 for a USB transfer. For an extra $4, you can get both DVD and USB transfers.

Walmart does offer the ability to put different types of menus for your DVD to match the events happening in your videos.


Costco requires you to have their membership to get transfer service options. They do not offer a digital download or blu-ray conversion.

Their VHS to USB service is $29.99. For $5 more, you can get both DVD and USB transfers. When you get a DVD video, you can have themed menus to match the content of your video.


Walgreens does not offer a USB transfer. But, you can transfer VHS to DVD for $34.98.


CVS offers everything except blu-ray conversion. USB conversion costs $34.99.

Unlike other locations, there is no deal for getting both USB and DVD conversions. DVD conversions cost $29.99. CVS also offers themed menus for their DVDs.

Online VHS to USB Services Companies

When you’re considering a VHS to USB service, you might feel like an online service is a better option than going to a store. One of the benefits of using an online service is you can get a lower price. But be careful, many of the online companies lure you in with an extremely low price, but then become more expensive when you add in the options like DVDs, USBs, Cloud Storage and shipping.

Generally, with online services, you will pack your VHS tapes and send them to the location where they will be transferred. When you use an online service, you have the option to pick between DVD, USB, and both.

These prices are based on 2 hours of footage and can range from $9.99 to $29.99 before adding in the extras.

When you use an online service, you usually have to pay extra for shipping. The shipping price can range depending on how many videos you send in.

Local, Botique VHS to USB Services Companies

Botique Video transfer service companies such as Envision provide the best of both worlds. They mix the convience of a local, storefront with the features of an online service.

Unlike most other companies, Envision does all work in house. Nothing gets shipped out to a warehouse out of state. All work is transferred by their small team of experts. This means every job is handled with care.

You can transfer VHS to DVD and USB for $24.95 each. When you get both a DVD and USB transfer, the price only increases by $10.00

For digital transfers, you get to specify where you want the converted files sent afterwords. This is a cool service because you can always send it to a friend or family member as a surprise gift!

You might be asking yourself, will my original tapes get returned to me when I use a transfer service? And the answer is yes! Your videotapes are always returned to you in the same condition they arrived in.

Work With a Reliable Service to Convert VHS to USB

You have a lot of options when it comes to converting VHS to USB. You can go in person and let the retailer deal with shipping out your VHS tapes, you can ship them out yourself, you can get equipment to do it yourself, or your can trust a local provider to do it for you.

What makes Envision unique is they have both online and in-person options for converting VHS to USB. If you’re in Hasbrouck Heights in New Jersey, this is the perfect place to make your memories last forever. Envision is conveniently located in Bergen County, NJ – just minutes from New York City.