If you want to convert VHS tapes to digital, now is definitely the time. Those old tapes have a definite shelf-life. When the tape goes, your memories or a favorite forgotten movie are gone (presumably forever).

In this article, we look at the seven core reasons for making the jump to digital with your old two-reelers. Let’s begin!

1. Enhance Resolution

Your VHS tapes are not going to magically upscale to DVD-level quality. However, the image will not degrade, and it will be available at a higher resolution. 

While the difference isn’t a huge one, it is noticeable. That’s because the 250 horizontal pixels that VHS was capable of gets blown out of the water by DVD’s 720.

DVD and VHS have about the same vertical lines. The result is that your VHS movies, taped broadcasts, and home videos are all going to look significantly better.

2. Preserve Family Memories

The goal to digitalize VHS comes with the benefit of preserving family memories. This could mean old family Christmases that you shot with an old-school camcorder.

It could mean high school football games, band recitals, and even old hangout tapes with friends. Most of all, it can forever reconnect you with loved ones who’ve long since left, serving as a warm and poignant reminder of the power moving images have. 

3. Hold Onto Great Sports Moments

Did you grow up watching sports? If so, you might want to consider digging through your old video tapes for blooper reels, live broadcasts of epic contests, or retrospectives on favorite athletes. 

You or a close family member might have even produced some of those classic sports moments. Many have had friends or family or acquaintances that went on to make a splash in collegiate and sometimes professional sports. DVD conversion of those times when you had to tape the big game is one of the most useful ways to hold onto those moments.

4. And Movies That Are No Longer Available

DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming libraries have gotten pretty extensive in the number of feature films that are now available from long ago. That said, there are still a few gems that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

Are you the type of movie buff who would record six to eight hours of movies at a time for personal viewing from your brand new HBO subscription? Converting those old cassettes to digital will allow you to hold onto those broadcasts, and maybe some long forgotten classics.

If you still have a collection of factory-original VHS movies from the day, DVD conversion will allow you to hold onto those movies in a stellar format. Give it a try!

5. Prevent Further Deterioration

Another perk of a VHS converting service is that it hits the pause button forever on the deterioration of those old tapes. See, time and multiple uses will wear a VHS cassette down to where they are eventually unwatchable. 

Have a lot of tapes that you only watched a few times and now they’re just sitting in a box? Now’s the perfect moment to have them converted before they encounter any more use and damage. They’re only expected to last 15-20 years, tops!

6. Increase Your Available Space

Minimalists and minimalist-wannabes, this is a huge one! The average VHS box with tape inside is thicker than 2.5 average DVD cases. So immediately, you’re slimming down the shelf space you’ll need.

That said, one single-sided DVD can hold two hours of video on it. That’s the equivalent of the capacity of one VHS tape at the “SP” speed. Most VHS tapes do not use the full two-capacity, however, so it’s possible you could fit more VHS content than one tape’s worth on a DVD.

7. Operate With Less Frustration

Another top draw of the VHS converting company is that they can save you lots of time and frustration in operating VHS content. They do this in a couple of different ways.

First, they can include chapter stops that allow you to get around more quickly than if you were watching the tape on an old VCR. Secondly, you will never have to rewind a tape again. Just finish watching and take it out of the player: done!

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Now that we’ve covered the reason to convert these old videos to DVD format, it’s time to hit some next-level benefits of the conversion. These uses might not occur to your right away, but as technology continues to evolve, you’ll be glad you have this information. 

DVDs Complement Cloud Storage

Everything these days seems to be moving to the cloud. This threatens to make even a revolutionary format like DVD seem like a relic. No need to fear, DVD fans! 

You can very easily move those VHS to DVD conversions off the disc and into a cloud file on your favorite provider: Box, DropBox, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive, to name a few.

Many of these offer a certain amount of storage for free. You can greatly increase that amount for a small monthly fee. It’s a great way to have ready-made access whenever there’s an Internet connection handy.

Will Continue to Be Compatible With Other Formats

DVDs play on DVD players, Blu-ray players, and most computers (or add-on disc drives). That doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. 

Physical formats will always have a place because they offer you respite from Internet outages. You can just pop in a disc and entertain yourself to your heart’s content regardless of access. The lesson: don’t think DVD is obsolete just because of new formats.

Make Videos More Shareable

It’s super easy to make a copy of a disc for someone interested in seeing what you’ve preserved. Likewise, the click-and-drag nature of moving content from the disc to the cloud then enables you to create a cloud-based link where anyone can view the material if you email it to them or post it on your social network.

Ready to Convert VHS Tapes From Your Stockpile?

Your desire to convert VHS to DVD should be strong after reading this. You know you can hold onto your memories, your movies, your favorite sporting events, for as long as digital exists.

It’s also easy to see how the disc continues to serve a purpose no matter which formats continue in our culture. So what are you waiting for? Contact Envision Video Services today if you’re ready to preserve those treasures, and get this process started before it’s too late!