Did you know that the world’s oldest photo was shot in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce outside a window of his estate in France? The photo shows a faint outline of buildings, and nothing else. It wasn’t until the 1830s that Niepce worked with Louie Daguerre to come up with a more effective photography technique. 

Our memories are not as reliable as we like to think. Photographs are a way of keeping those memories alive. Even seeing the old streets of your city before industrialization leaves you feeling happy and excited.

Do you have old photos that have creases or scratches or just have faded with time? Read on to find out how photo restoration services are your best bet to restore those photos to their original glory.

1) High-Quality Delivery to Preserve Memory

If you found some old photographs in your basement or attic, they may be in bad condition. The more time passes, the more they will deteriorate. They may be deteriorating because of too much sun or moisture, which means you don’t have a lot of time to get them preserved.

Rather than watching your memories disappear, you can work with photo restoration services. They can handle the worst cases and still restore them back to the original image. While there are online tools available, professionals have the expertise to enhance the image manually while keeping historical trends in mind.

2) Manage Scratches, Folds, and Tears

That old box of junk in your garage that you lugged from house to house may have some beautiful memories. Over time, the photographs will have scratches, folds, and tears. You may even have a photograph that is ripped and taped together that you regret losing.  

Using digital techniques, a restoration service can take that degraded image and return it to its original state. You can also get scanned copies of those images that can bring your family history to life. If you are genealogists or vintage photo enthusiasts, you want that extra support restoring faded and cracked images.

3) Get Color Copies

Up until the mid-1940s, most photographs were black and white. To get a color photograph, you had to print it and paint it by hand. Luckily, we now have the technology to restore those old black and white photos and colorize them. 

Colors play an important role in our emotions. Seeing your family history in color can add a whole new level of understanding and appreciation that you can enjoy for a long time to come. A restoration service can help restore those colors in a real way if they have the expertise and access to the technology.

4) Improve Image Quality and Enlargements

You know from experience that the image quality of old photos is usually low. Most photos are grainy and lack clarity. Saving photos that don’t have good image quality limits your use of the photos because they are difficult to enlarge and use in other creative ways.  

Ideally, you want to make sure that your old photos have better image quality and higher resolution. A photo restoration service can help you get that high image quality that allows enlarging the photos that you can hang in your home or office. They can enhance portions of the image adding clarity and brightening the colors. 

5) Establish Missing Parts

Time and environment can take a toll on your old photographs where parts of the image can be missing or faded. Unless you keep your photos in pristine condition locked away in a vacuum-sealed container, you will have damaged photos. The best part of working with restoration services is that they can help you get the full image back.

If you are looking for images to use in a wedding photo book, celebrating a retirement, or remembering someone at a memorial, clear images stand out. You will use them to help your kids remember their grandparents. It’s worth spending the time and energy to enhance the images so that you can look back on them to remember beautiful memories.

6) Access to Technology and Expertise

There is a certain level of knowledge and expertise that are needed to enhance your old photos. If it’s the only photo you have of your grandparents or the only photo with the entire family in one place, you want to make sure that image is clear. Each photo should have bright colors and features clear so that when you print it, it will maintain its image quality.

The tools available to enhance photos have changed significantly over the years. No one is spending time hand-painting photographs. For consistent and high-quality results, you want to work with someone who has access to this technology and has years of experience in the area.

7) Quick Turnaround Time

You could spend the time to figure out the different programs and try to do this on your own. But with their expertise and staff, they can get your images back to you in no time. You can get the enhanced original image in different formats that you can use in the way you want.

Once you have the images, you can keep them in your portfolio or on your cloud service. When you need them, you can use them in different ways including posting on your Instagram or getting an enlarged image to hang in your home.

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