There are better ways to keep old family photos or documents safe. This could be a birth certificate from a distant family member or a familial piece of history. 

It’s easy for these sentimental items to get lost in a move or encounter some type of damage. To keep important things like this safe, there are alternatives to keeping physical photos.

Photo scanning has become an increasingly popular way to keep family history safe. Rather than keeping items in a dusty box under the bed, try getting them digitized. 

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of scanning your photos. 

Photo Scanning

Photo scanning refers to exactly what it sounds like; the process of turning physical pictures into digitized photo files. The process can be easy if you just use a printer’s scanner, but they might not be of the greatest quality.

Choose important family photos that you want to avoid getting damaged or lost. Maybe you have a scrapbook that had something spilled on it and you’re worried about losing your pictures. 

Some computers that are older or not set up for photo editing might not be the greatest option for converting physical photos to digital ones. 

This is when photo scanning becomes important. 

Protecting Photos From Damage and Age

Holding on to physical photos is generally preferable, but these can easily be lost or accidentally ruined. Especially with physical paper documents that are family heirlooms or an important piece of family history. 

Over time, paper can peel, change color, and lose its quality. A sure-fire way to keep photos in their original state is by transferring paper photos to other formats. 

Accidents happen – fires, floods, important boxes accidentially being left out with the trash. Digitized photos and documents help eliminate risk of loss.

Photo Restoration

In some cases, photos might already be in bad shape. For example, you might find an old batch of photos fading away in an attic or your grandmother’s tattered albums. 

There are options to restore photographs as well. With the many options available for photo editing software and programs, experts can take old photos and restore them to almost perfect condition. 

Restoration can be anything from tweaking lighting, removing blur, repairing creased or torn images using things professional software tools like Photoshop, etc. 

Digitizing Photographs

The best way to convert photographs is to digitize them. This process includes scanning physical copies of photographs and converting them into digital files

Photos can be transferred to computer files from negatives and slides, as well as physical photographs and documents. It usually involves a high-end scanning device and a program on the computer itself that digitizes the scanned copy. 

There are many options to choose from when you get digital photo files too. You can have them transferred to you via a physical DVD. This method is great for those who want to keep external copies of their photos. 

A USB can also be used to transfer digitized photos. A USB drive is a great portable option for digital files, as it’s a small compact device. It can easily be used on any laptop or computer to share scanned photos. A backup USB can also be stored in a safe-deposit box for safe keeping.

Benefits of Digital Copies 

There are many benefits to scanning photographs and turning them into digital files. 

As mentioned, it removes all the possible threats of external factors such as spills, deterioration due to aging, rips, tares, fires, floods and others. It creates one, secure place to hold all your important photos. 

Another benefit of having digital copies is that you can share them much easier. Rather than carrying physical photos to a family gathering, you can share digital copies with family and friends via email.

Digital files are much easier to share across different platforms. They can reach many more people and become unlimited in terms of access. 

Turn Your Memories Into Digital Files 

The benefits of converting your photographs into digital files are endless. Safely store your important files with security and complete backups. 

Keep your memories alive and safe by reaching out to companies that have expertise in scanning, editing, and photo restoration. They will know how to properly convert your important old photos.

Envision Video Services has expertise in the area of scanning and converting old photos. As an award winning ‘memory preservation company,’ they are much more than just a photo scanning shop. 

Envision believes in the importance of family history being kept alive through images. It’s understood how upsetting it could be to lose your great grandparent’s wedding photo or the picture of you taking your first steps. 

They will take great care of your photos, from the beginning of the process to the end. From photo scanning and converting to digital files, to transferring them to your device of choice. 

With great prices and exceptional customer service, you will not be disappointed using Envision Video Services to convert your photos. 

Create Long-Lasting Memories with Digitized Photos

With the technology available today, old photos can be easily edited. Using the process of photo scanning, companies with the necessary skills can restore old photos.

If you are looking to keep important memories from being damaged or lost, think about converting them into digital files. 

They can be saved to computers as a picture file, saved to a DVD or USB Imagine all the friends and family you can share them with! 

Don’t hesitate to contact Envision Video Services for help with restoring old family photos to their original glory and keeping memories alive.