The glory days of VHS are long behind us. We now look at these technologies as antiquated and useless. While it’s true that these storage and playback systems are obsolete, the memories they often hold are more valuable than ever.

Accessing their content isn’t as simple as it used to be, televisions with the appropriate sockets to plug in a VHS player are becoming a rarity. To view them you’ll probably have to buy an adaptor or two. The task of finding an old VHS player to view your cherished memories can be a lot of effort, leaving stacks of tapes to gather dust.

Fortunately, modernizing old media can be done quickly and easily by a professional video transfer service. Getting rid of the clutter of old tapes has never been so easy! Read on to find out why this solution could be right for you.

What is Video Transfer?

Simply put, the media of the past is locked up for the most part by the necessity to own and operate old hardware. These media players take up a lot of space and look ugly stacked beside your modern television screen. The real estate spent to store the tapes and discs they play also quickly adds up given the considerable size of their packaging.

Video transfer means taking the content of old media storage solutions and converting them into digital files. This process isn’t something that can be done without expertise in the operation of specific software and hardware tools. Professional video transfer services offer their expertise to get the job done, hassle-free!

Handing over your media over can be done in person or sent via post, making the process as straightforward as possible on your end. Simply package your old VHS tapes up after filling in a simple order form online before sending them away. You’ll receive a USB containing the files or a link to your digitized content to download or view online.

Video Transfer Service

The process is carried out by professionals who understand the importance of treating your home videos with the care and respect they deserve. After having converted so many tapes, we know exactly how important the content you’ve entrusted us with is. After years in the business, the smooth execution of the entire process can be relied upon to be carried out to the highest standards.

The difference between professional service and the service available in your local supermarket or mall is night and day. Trusting your precious memories to someone who might not be interested in ensuring high quality is always going to be a gamble. While these services do exist, there’s no guarantee your tapes are going to be taken care of to the standard they deserve.

Using a professional service that has built a business around customer satisfaction is always going to be the safest bet. Services that are well reviewed and care about continuing their positive customer relations. Being able to reach out and communicate is important when irreplaceable media is on the line.

Gauging a company’s reliability by the way they treat and communicate with their customers is easy. Video transfer tips and all the information you need should be just an email away. A swift response with the information you need shows you’ve found what you’re looking for!

Video Transfer Guide

The question of video transfer cost is an easy one. If you’re going to visit the store in person, delivering your media will be free, but there’ll be a standard charge at your local post office if you’d prefer to send your tapes via mail. The price will be similar to having your content shipped back to you if you haven’t opted for digital download.

Typically, before sending your tapes you’ll fill out an order form online in which you’ll detail the type of tapes you want to be converted, how you would like them converted, and how you would like to access them afterward. Options for having tapes converted to DVD and access to converted files via digital download are good indicators of professionalism.

The cost will vary depending on the options you choose, as well as how many tapes you want to convert and how long they run. All prices will be clearly shown during your selection process, as well as all the other options available. Additional requests are available from the best professional services where you’ll be able to communicate and specify your requirements during your order.

Reliable Professionalism

Feeling secure that you’re sending irreplaceable video to a group of professionals makes the process much easier to bear. The thought of the permanent loss of files isn’t worth dwelling on. It’s always best to research any service thoroughly before taking the chance they might be second-rate.

Receiving files you haven’t seen for years is an emotional experience made all the sweeter by the ability to share them easily. With newly digitized content, you’ll be able to send them a direct link to the media to view online. The days of crowding around the family television after fighting with an old VHS player are over!

The benefits of hiring a professional video transfer service are many and have made people around the country able to easily relive moments they may have long forgotten, worry-free. If you’re interested in our services or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us here.