As VHS movies age, they gain sentimental value. You may not have watched your home movies for a while, but you can be sure they will evoke the same joy and happiness you felt when they were first recorded. Unfortunately, VHS tape can start to deteriorate over time, which could mean your precious home movies are at risk of being lost forever.
If you have special home movies that are currently trapped on old or obsolete video formats, VHS to DVD transfer services could help to protect and preserve your treasured memories for years to come. If this is a service you have considered in the past, there is no time like the present to protect your movies so that you and younger generations can relive these memories and enjoy them time and time again.

DVD: A New Home For Home Movies

DVDs have been around since the mid-nineties and offer many benefits over their VHS counterparts. They provide a high-quality, compact and affordable means of replaying home movies without degradation and are a sensible choice for preserving the moments that mean the most.

Some of their main benefits include:

  • DVDs offer random access – One of the most frustrating things about VHS is rewinding or forwarding to find a particular scene in a movie. DVDs offer random access, allowing you to easily skip to a chapter or scene a lot faster.
  • DVDs preserve sound and audio quality – VHS tape can start to degrade over time and this can cause picture distortion and a warped audio track. DVD offers a perfect replica of the original footage and will preserve sound and audio quality for decades without any deterioration.
  • DVDs are more robust than VHS – With good handling habits, there is no reason why your DVDs won’t last a lifetime. That means no more worrying about a rogue VCR chewing your tapes and quite literally eating your memories!
  • DVDs are space-savers – DVDs require much less shelf space than VHS tapes. The may offer high storage capacity, but they are extremely lightweight and portable making them the perfect format for sharing and transporting from place to place.

Under the Hood: The VHS Conversion Process

Converting VHS to DVD needs to be carried out carefully and methodically to ensure the best results. Here is a brief summary of the steps involved in a typical conversion process:

  • Watch the VHS before you start the conversion process to ensure it is playable and watchable.
  • Place a new DVD into your PC or DVD recorder. Using software is recommended as you can set various parameters and gain total control of your transfer.
  • The transfer will take time and LOTS of it. Depending on the number of VHS tapes you need to convert, you could be dedicating your whole weekend to the task.
  • Playback your DVD to check the quality.

The Benefits of Choosing Professional VHS to DVD Transfer

No matter the length of your home movie or how long ago it was taken, if the video is still in good working order it can be transferred to archive-quality DVD. That means no more hunting around for an elusive VHS recorder or dealing with associated VHS problems like tracking.

Once your home movie has been transferred from VHS to DVD, you can watch it with ease on a multitude of devices including standalone DVD players, computers, game consoles and laptops. Highly portable, compact and robust, DVD is the perfect way to store and preserve your cherished home movie footage.

There are many reasons to choose a professional VHS to DVD service for your home movies, including:


Many professional VHS to DVD services allow you to drop in or mail tapes for transfer. Once in the hands of a video expert, you can rest assured that your tapes will be looked after with the utmost care and respect. In a short time, you can collect or receive your VHS tapes back along with shiny new DVDs ready for playing, sharing or storing for safe keeping.


You might know your way around a computer, but video transfer is a whole different ball game. Professionals offer so much more than just transfer services – they can also help with enhancements and video tape repair. You could spend hours and even days trying to figure out how to digitize your home movies. A professional service will use the latest equipment and high-quality media to ensure the best result with fast turnaround.


It may surprise you to know, but using a professional VHS transfer service can be more cost-effective than doing it yourself. Not only will you need to purchase or obtain the right equipment, but you will also need to find the time to babysit your video transfers. Problems can occur along the way such as tracking issues that need to be corrected, or a complete failure in the process that means you’ll have to start all over again.

You will also need video transfer software. Diamond Video Capture and Roxio Easy VHS to DVD are some of the best on the market. However, do you really want to pay for equipment and software that you may only ever use once? Instead, why not share and record more special memories with the family while we do the hard work for you?


By opting for a professional video transfer service, you don’t just get like-for-like duplication to a new media format. You get much more flexibility than that. Your newly transferred home movies can have fun titles, playback menus and even a blooper reel. Need extra copies? Simply determine how many you need and receive enough copies for aunties, uncles, grandparents and your long-lost cousin overseas.


Your VHS home movies are irreplaceable, precious and one of a kind. It’s essential that you handle such fragile cargo with great care. If you accidentally break, damage or erase your home movies when transferring them, there really is no way back. A professional VHS to DVD service will have strict processes in place to ensure the greatest care is taken with your tapes.

Protect the Memories That Mean the Most

Your home movies mean the world. That is why it is so important to take action now to ensure they last a lifetime. A professional VHS to DVD transfer service will ensure that your VHS tapes are returned in the same condition they were received along with your new copies on a modern and robust format.

By working closely with a video transfer expert, you can be sure that your memories will be protected and preserved to the very highest standard. You can also choose other services that will enhance your home videos such as artwork and interactive menus, and which will make your story really stand out.

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