Amateurs and pros agree – the age of Kodachrome produced stunning, lifelike images like no other film before or since. Invented at Kodak’s research facility in Rochester, NY in 1936, Kodachrome revolutionized photography, and captured moments as iconic as the film itself. From the Hindenburg disaster and Edmund Hillary’s ascent of Mount Everest, to the JFK assassination and 1980’s Afghan refugee camps, Kodachrome brought world news to life.

On the home front, meanwhile, Kodachrome became increasing popular, reaching its peak in the 1960’s and 70’s, when slide carousels memorializing family vacations and events were ubiquitous in American homes. Getting together to view friends’ slide shows was a more social experience, no doubt, than clicking through pics on today’s “social” media platforms.

Nostalgia aside, all those slide carousels filled with cherished memories are probably still in very good condition. When properly stored, Kodachrome retains quality for 100+ years. As a result, digitizing Kodachrome to DVD or thumb drive generally leads to beautiful files for printing or sharing – rich in the sharp contrast and natural colors that give Kodachrome its favored status among photogs.

Here are 6 reasons to have Envision transfer your Kodachrome slides to DVD or thumb drive:

  1. Easy sharing on social media, via text or email, or by simply copying the DVD.
  2. Enjoy your photos anytime. No need to break out the slide projector, or to wonder if it still even works.
  3. Digital files make fantastic prints – for framing, keeping, or giving away.
  4. Envision Video Services has years of experiencing scanning Kodachrome slides to digital.
  5. Generations to come will treasure these high-quality images, created on film that still elicits high praise from pros.
  6. No need to ship your precious slides, risking damage or loss. Bring them in for personal, fast service.

When you’re ready to convert your Kodachrome slides to digital, contact us online, give us a call (201-340-9234), or just bring them in. Your memories are waiting!

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