Top quality video & editing services are not the only thing that sets Envision apart.
The Envision Team operates in a collaborative, family-like atmosphere. The success story of Envision Video Services is a microcosm of the American Dream. Owner Peter Gallo started Envision Video Services out of his home in 2005. Those humble beginnings are woven into the fabric of the business, as the staff is as professional, polite and courteous as one can find.

Envision’s growth is a direct result of the passion, hard-work and dedication that Peter exhibited in growing the business. With the help of long-time friend and current Office Manager Linda Lyon, Envision quickly became a local favorite in and around New Jersey.

Today Envision operates in a state-of-the-art studio and produces the best video services, but still possesses the charm and personable atmosphere it was founded on.


Envision Video Services Pete Gallo
Pete Gallo
Owner & Director of Digital Media

Taking a childhood hobby and turning it into a passion and now a full time business, Pete knows the video world well. Spanning 3 decades, his combined knowledge has him always delivering an unrivaled quality to his clients. An expert in his field, Pete has trained with the best and his experiences both in the business world and in life give him the edge to repeatedly stand out amongst his peers. This is also reflected in the many awards that Envision has gained over the last 10+ years in business.

Pete not only gives back to his clients but to those directly around him. He is respected and beloved not only by his employees but his community as well. Serving on the Board of Directors for the second largest Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey, Pete lends his business knowledge to support his colleagues and fellow business owners in their own endeavors. His involvement doesn’t take his eye off of Envision for a minute, rather it has created great partnerships and opportunities to grow further. Events such as the local Holiday Fest and Street Fair are just two committees that Pete has served on and benefitted from, in growing his local reputation.

Born and raised in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, Pete is proud to be giving back to the area he grew up in.

About Us Profile linda
Linda Lyon
Office Manager
& Head of Customer Service

With almost 30 years of customer service experience and training, Linda’s role at Envision is more than just a smile at the front desk. A true customer service professional, Linda has been with Peter from the beginning and has watched the company grow from a small business in his home to the downtown store front it is today. The family feel and personalized service you get at Envision starts with Linda. Whether on the phone or behind the desk Linda’s infectious personality sets the tone for the experience you will have. Linda also works with Peter to train the rest of the Envision team to help round out their skills in giving customers the very best!

Linda’s loyalty to Envision has paid off in other ways. Happily married since 2010, and a mom since 2013, it was Peter who introduced Linda to her husband Kevin, while at a marketing conference. Linda also loves to contribute to the staff (and their waistlines) by bringing in baked goods, a talent that she is well known for outside of the office. Thanks to her leadership and attention-to-detail, Envision has steadily grown and continues to do so.

About Us Profile Charlie
Charlie Hickey
Editor, Videographer
& Audio Specialist

Charlie’s time with Envision started as an internship from one of our local partnership colleges. As time progressed we knew he was one of us and would make a great permanent addition to the EVS family. His wit and dry sense of humor often adds levity to some of those longer work days!

Charlie is our ‘go to guy’ and takes on new challenges and opportunities without question. Whether it’s editing a film project, or color correcting and creating a final Keepsake presentation, Charlie’s attention to detail makes the final result ‘picture perfect’.

In addition Charlie can be found behind the camera not only videoing the event, but more often as our audio specialist. Charlie’s BA in Communications with a concentration in digital film from Ramapo College of NJ, has given him the edge to masterfully produce soundtracks to a number of projects here at Envision.

Charlie’s talents also reach outside of the editing room. In his off time his keen ear and love of music often has him plucking out a tune on his guitar.

About Us Profile kevin
Kevin Lam
Senior Graphic Designer

Kevin is one of the team members who’s been a part of Envision since the very beginning. His partnership with Pete and the team is flawless and we can always count on Kevin to bring a skilled eye and his creative touch to any project. With a BFA in graphic design from William Paterson University and almost 15 years of experience, Kevin can expertly take an undeveloped idea and unfold it into an artistic masterpiece, that not only gets noticed but remembered and awarded. Envision has time and again been the recipient of awards for Kevin’s graphic design work over the years. Whether it’s drafting layouts for marketing pieces or personalizing DVDs and casewraps for individual client projects, Kevin is the behind the scene talent that makes Envision look good up front!

About Us Profile ramon
Ramón Ortiz
Editor & Videographer

Ramón’s journey with Envision started in 2012, as a seasonal employee to assist with our busy holiday rush. For several years Ramon solely lead the video transfer department, but as Envision has grown his talents have proven a valuable asset to the overall team. Recently Ramon transitioned full time to our video production department to take on more leadership in the areas of videography and editing. With a BFA in digital video and animation from Bloomfield College, Ramón’s creativity and eye for detail have given him the edge to break out in roles in the areas of directing, filming, and editing.

Ramón’s outside interests of writing and illustrating have also contributed to Envision’s undertakings, as his talents have been used to storyboard both client and in-house creative projects. His passion for storytelling has also lead him to create several successful short films and win awards for his work in editing and filmmaking.

About Us Profile bob
Bob Vaughn
Transfer Technician, Videographer & Customer Service

Bob is the most recent addition to the Envision team but to know him you wouldn’t guess it. His ability to blend in with our existing personalities has made for a smooth transition. Although hired to lead the video transfer department, Bob’s love of all things video and film has him open to new opportunities and learning experiences. In the short time that he has been with us he’s already branched out to video shoots, film editing and storyboarding all areas that fall under his BFA in filmmaking from Montclair State University. Bob’s background in retail management has also made him an added asset at the front desk. You can often find him there assisting Linda or one of our many customers.

When he’s not burning the midnight oil here at the office, Bob’s hobbies also contribute to his abilities here at Envision. Whether it’s as an amateur photographer with a passion for color correcting or a well-read writer and director of short films and comedy sketches, Bob’s imagination is always on. Like several of our other team members Bob’s love of music has lead him to dabble in many instruments, from Guitar and Bass, to the Mandolin and Omnichord.

About Us Profile ken
Ken Ziobro
Senior Film Technician

Kenny has been part of the Envision family from the beginning, being the first full time employee that Peter hired. From day one Kenny has made the film department his forte. Kenny’s on the court training has included many variants of technology and equipment. And with each new rendition Kenny has mastered and owned the process such that time and again clients are thrilled with the new life Kenny breathes into their film. His skills are second to none and rival any other Hollywood film master.

Kenny also possess talents outside of the film department. His natural born flair for illustration and his keen ear for music give his hands a regular workout with either a pencil or guitar, both which are never far from his reach.