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When you convert your film negatives to digital, you have a new positive images to last a lifetime.

If you have had lots of rolls of film developed over the years, you were likely given photo negatives alongside your printed photos. Negatives typically come in a sheet or strip of transparent film and are a very important part of the photo printing process. Each negative, as its name suggests, contains a negative image that is used to create a positive print on photographic paper.

Have you ever held a negative up to the light? While you may be able to make out much of what is going on in each image, nothing can beat having the negative converted to a positive image. By taking that process one step further to convert negatives to digital formats, you can preserve those precious moments for many years to come. Converting your film negatives to digital formats means your photos can be viewed on many digital devices, including mobile phones, computers, tablets and your TV. They can also be shared easily over email, social media and other digital mediums. Transferring negatives to digital mediums also allows for the safe storage and preservation of all your photo negatives.

Discover Forgotten Memories and Special Moments

Many people have photo negatives hidden away in drawers and other places around the home. By digitizing your old negatives you could discover missing pieces of your family history, rekindle forgotten memories or simply protect these images for many generations to come. Whether you have a handful of negatives or a huge collection waiting to be digitized, a professional company can handle the process and ensure every negative is restored to its colorful and detailed glory and transferred to digital formats using a negative film scanner.

Professional Digitization of Old Negatives

By choosing Envision, you get total peace of mind that your photo negatives will be handled with great care and that your digital conversion will be carried out to the highest possible standard. We have digitized countless negatives over the years, and can also assist companies and organizations looking to transfer negatives to digital formats. Hundreds of negatives to convert? We can provide you with some samples so you can see for yourself the quality you can expect from our negative film scanner services. Speak to the experts in our Bergen County office today to find out more about our digital conversion processes and how we can help you to turn your photo negatives into digital photos that go on providing pleasure for many years to come.

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Our photo transfer service allows you to digitize old photos so they can be viewed without risk of damage, fading, tearing or discoloration. We will work carefully with each photograph, digitally preserving it and storing it on DVD, Blu-Ray or a USB memory stick, whichever you prefer. Once we have digitized your photos, you can share them, publish them online, print duplicates, use them as your mobile phone wallpaper and more.


Our photo and slide keepsake presentations make wonderful gifts. From rekindling forgotten memories with loved ones to creating a hilarious or touching video montage of the bride and groom’s younger years at their wedding, we can create a heartfelt keepsake that will go on giving joy for many years to come. Just select your favorite photos and put them in order that tells your story the best, then add some music to reflect the mood. Send your photos and soundtrack to us and we’ll do the rest!

Restoration & Duplication

If your favorite photos have started to lose a little of their luster, we may be able to restore them to their original glory with our photo restoration and enhancement services. We work with old photos every day, bringing them back to life so that you no longer have to worry about losing those memories. You can choose to digitize old photos or to order physical copies of your favorite memories. This is a great way to preserve the past and share it with others.

Your memories matter and we're here to help.