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Your Home Movies Converted to Digital

MiniDVDs are still in use today and offer a convenient, affordable, and compact way to record special events and candid moments. At 8 cm in diameter and able to hold up to 5.2GB data, these discs allow you to take a lot of footage without worrying about storage limitations.

If you own a number of MiniDVDs, we recommend making copies to DVD or another digital format so that you can backup your memories and store and share them easily. Transferring your MiniDVDs to DVD or digital file means they can be watched using DVD players, computers, cell phones, smart TVs, and tablets without affecting the original footage. We can also duplicate your movies so that they can be shared easily with loved ones.

Timeless Memories That Go On and On

Whether you have captured memories from a wedding, your child’s dance recital, or a special Christmas, you’ll want those memories to last. Transferring those memories using our video transfer service gives you peace of mind that you have a backup copy of your special moments and ensures all footage is transferred to the highest possible standard.

We can transfer any number of MiniDVDs to DVD or MP4 format. The MP4 format allows you to store your video on your computer or in the cloud and view them whenever you want. Using our video post-production services and DVD authoring service, we can also work closely with you to edit your video, add a soundtrack or create a useful DVD menu that allows you to skip easily to each chapter. Thanks to our years of experience and our investment in some of the best editing and duplication software and hardware, you can be assured of the best service Bergen County has to offer.

A Professional Video Transfer Service You Can Rely On

Over the years, we have worked with countless customers around northern New Jersey, helping them to rekindle lost memories, rediscover forgotten faces and events, and preserve the past for many generations to enjoy. Let us do the same for you with our video transfer service. By entrusting us with your MiniDVDs, you get peace of mind that your memories will be in safe hands and converted to digital with great care.

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[ Other Services ]

Video Tape Repair

Due to their fragile construction, video tapes can be susceptible to damage and deteriorate in as little as 10 years. At the very least, they can become distorted and difficult to watch. The good news is that our video tape repair services can not only fix damaged tape, but our experts can also protect your special memories further by transferring your videos to DVD or digital file format.


There is nothing like reliving happy memories with others, especially if they were memories you shared together. If you have a special moment on film or video tape, why not send it to us for duplication? We can create as many copies as you need and transfer your memories onto the digital format of your choice to give as gifts or simply keep as spare copies.

International Conversion

Sharing precious memories with friends and families overseas can be tricky. Different countries use different video formats and this could mean the tape or film you share may not be compatible. The good news is we can perform international conversion to NTSC, PAL and SECAM so that your loved ones can take a trip down memory lane with you.

Your memories matter and we're here to help.