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Transfer your dat tapes to Digital –converting to the more modern format.

Digital Audio Tapes, or DAT for short, were introduced onto the market by Sony in 1987. They had an appearance much like a compact cassette and, as their name suggests, recorded in digital rather than analog. One of the key benefits of DATs was that they could record track numbers and IDs, making it easy to select individual tracks, much like CDs. While a number of music albums were released on DAT, their popularity suffered due to their high cost.

If you have a number of DAT tapes or R-DAT (Recordable Digital Audio Tapes) that you would like to protect and preserve for years to come, we recommend that you have them converted to a more sustainable, reliable and convenient digital audio format. Not only will this help to extend their longevity, but will also mean you don’t have to have a DAT player to play them back on. Our audio conversion services give you the option of transferring your DAT recordings onto CD or MP3.

Why Digital to Digital Makes So Much Sense

You may be wondering why you should convert an already digital format to another digital format. DAT tapes, like any other media format, can start to degenerate over time. CDs and digital files are generally more robust and secure than magnetic tape and will help to protect the life of your DAT recordings. We have helped many customers to look forward to enjoying their DAT recordings for the foreseeable future on a wide range of devices. Once digitized, you can also choose to share your recordings over email, by USB or through social media. Digitization opens up so many possibilities.

Use Our Audio Conversion Services for the Best Results

Because we have significantly invested in the right equipment to suit each conversion process, we can create digital transfers of the highest standard. This not only gives our customers peace of mind but also ensures the best possible service at all times. Whether you have one cherished DAT or a large collection you would like to have converted, we would be delighted to tell you more and show you how to get started. Give our northern New Jersey office a call today, and get your perfect audio conversion going.

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DAT Tape

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Let us transfer your favorite audio memories onto more durable and modern formats such as MP3 or CD. Once your audio has been digitized, it will be playable and shareable online and between compatible devices. That means you can send it to loved ones around the country. By transferring your audio to a more modern format, you will be extending its life and ensuring it can be played and shared for many generations to come.


If you have a cherished audio recording that you want to share with the world, our audio duplication services are the answer. Thanks to our expertise in all things audio, our fast turnaround and our high-quality services, you can put a smile on your loved ones’ faces every time they press the play button. From a child’s first words on cassette to sharing audio from a training class or seminar, we offer audio duplication for consumers and corporations alike.

Your memories matter and we're here to help.