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Relive Your Special Memories Again

Sony was the first to release a consumer VCR on the market in the form of the Betamax VCR. These revolutionary machines were highly successful when they were first released in 1975 until VHS burst onto the scene and shook things up. Able to store more information and, most importantly, an entire movie on one tape, VHS eventually took the home movie crown.

While the Betamax format may have had its day, there are likely many Betamax tapes gathering dust across the country. Betamax equipment can still be difficult to acquire and the equipment that is available may not be fully functioning and may threaten to damage your tapes.

You Can Solve the Problem by Going Digital

If you own a number of Betamax tapes, you may have wondered if there is any way to view the memories they hold. You may also have thought about preserving their contents to ensure your movies and special memories stand the test of time and are available for future generations to enjoy. Fortunately, our Betamax video transfer service can convert these tapes to a digital format and unlock the precious moments they contain.

We can work with individual tapes that may need some expert attention, and can also work with bulk orders of fully functioning tapes. Simply let us know what you need and we will assist you. You can choose from a number of digital formats including DVD and MP4, and we can give you advice on which format will be best to suit your individual requirements. For example, if you wish to store your Betamax recordings on your computer, a digital file format like MP4 will be the best solution.

Watch Your Betamax Memories Over and Over

At Envision, we specialize in preserving and liberating memories onto a wide range of digital formats so that you can enjoy your special moments whenever the mood takes you. We also offer a range of related services such as DVD authoring and post-production effects and edits. Put your Betamax collection in safe hands. We will treat each video with expert care and the utmost respect and help you to enjoy the movies and recordings you may not have watched in years.

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Video Tape Repair

Due to their fragile construction, video tapes can be susceptible to damage and deteriorate in as little as 10 years. At the very least, they can become distorted and difficult to watch. The good news is that our video tape repair services can not only fix damaged tape, but our experts can also protect your special memories further by transferring your videos to DVD or digital file format.


There is nothing like reliving happy memories with others, especially if they were memories you shared together. If you have a special moment on film or video tape, why not send it to us for duplication? We can create as many copies as you need and transfer your memories onto the digital format of your choice to give as gifts or simply keep as spare copies.

International Conversion

Sharing precious memories with friends and families overseas can be tricky. Different countries use different video formats and this could mean the tape or film you share may not be compatible. The good news is we can perform international conversion to NTSC, PAL and SECAM so that your loved ones can take a trip down memory lane with you.

Your memories matter and we're here to help.