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The Best Way to Convert Your 8mm Film to DVD

One of the first home movie formats ever used was 8mm film. First introduced on the commercial market in 1965, 8mm consisted of 200–400-foot reels of 8mm film strip accompanied by an 8-inch flex disc. Together, these components would produce the video (the reel) and the soundtrack (the flex disc) for many home movie masterpieces created across America.

Which type of 8mm film do you wish to convert to digital?

There were typically two flavors of 8mm film available to home users — the standard 8mm film, also known as Double 8mm, and Super 8 film. Super 8 had perforations that were spaced wider apart, and this resulted in a larger image area.

With our 8mm Film Conversion, Restoring Home Movies To Enjoy For Generations

If you own a number of 8mm films, you may have lost the ability to view and share these magical memories with others. Broken or hard-to-find equipment is one of the most common reasons why these wonderful films go unwatched for years on end. The good news is there is now a way to convert 8mm film to DVD or digital file so that it can be watched on today’s equipment and shared easily with friends and family. Converting your 8mm film to digital formats has never been easier.

Transfer cherished film memories into cherished digital memories.

Whether the 8mm reels contain candid footage from special events or have been carefully choreographed and edited, you can now convert these memories onto DVD or digital file, where they can be duplicated, viewed easily and preserved for years to come. Once you transfer 8mm to DVD, you can send them to loved ones, store them easily at home and view them without tracking down and setting up projection equipment.

Why Use a Professional Service to Convert 8mm Film to DVD?

It goes without saying that the memories your 8mm films hold are very special to you. At Envision, we understand just how precious these moments are, which is why our 8mm film conversion services will treat your film reels as if they were our own.

We will convert all 8 mm film reels using the highest-quality converter equipment, procedures and DVD media. You can even choose to include DVD menus on your movies and artwork on your DVD covers. We will work closely with you to ensure you are nothing short of delighted with the end result. We will also return your film reels to you in the same condition in which we received them. Speak to our experts today to find out more about how to convert 8mm tapes to DVD using our film transfer services.

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Whether your original format is 8mm, Super 8, 16mm or 9.5mm, we can transfer your old movies onto DVD or a digital file to enjoy for posterity. DVD is compatible with a huge variety of devices including computers, laptops, games consoles and of course, DVD players. Digital files are compatible with both Windows and MAC computers as well as cloud based services such as YouTube. If you are thinking of sharing your old movies with friends or family, our film conversion services are the perfect solution for you and your family for generations to come.


Our film conversion services also include duplication services. Duplicates of your special movies make great birthday, anniversary or Christmas presents; they are a gift that keeps on giving. Once duplicated onto DVD and other digital formats, your footage will be preserved and protected for generations. One of the benefits of duplicating film to digital is that these formats are robust, high quality and can be watched over and over without any degradation in quality. In fact, our professional-grade DVDs can last for as long as 100 years.


Time can pass in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, the kids have grown up, friends have lost touch, and magical moments become just a passing happy thought. By restoring your old film to digital, you can recapture those memories like it was yesterday and remind yourself of the tiniest detail, the small moments you’d forgotten and relive some very happy times indeed.

Your memories matter and we're here to help.