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If you’re looking for a home movie transfer service in New Jersey, look no further. Our home movie transfer services will enable your home movies to be transferred onto today’s current formats so you can resurrect those old home movies and breathe new life into old memories. Our home movie transfer services include:

  • 8mm film
  • Super 8 film
  • 16mm film

If you’re like most of us, you don’t even have a movie projector anymore, or if you do have one, it probably doesn’t work. Think what a joy it would be to watch those old family home movies that are just sitting in your attic or garage! Home Movies on DVD make wonderful gifts for family members. It’s also a good way to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren — for the ages.

Don’t take the chance of losing your irreplaceable film recordings. Whether you have one film reel or hundreds of them, contact us today to submit your film order.

Home Movie Transferring is our specialty. We transfer so much film each year that we have our own transfer facility on-site.  We DO NOT send any film out of our facility for standard definition processing. We will take your home movies and digitally transfer them to high quality, professional grade DVDs. These DVDs are scratch resistant and offer you convenience and longevity. They can be played on your current DVD player or your computer.

Using the DVD format for your old home movies will allow you to access only the specific parts of the movie that you want to watch. We design each DVD by placing chapter points on the start menu of the DVD. This custom DVD menu will make it easier to navigate your disc and more convenient to watch your home movies.

Have relatives overseas that you want to share your home movies with? No problem. We can transfer your home movies to DVD or video and convert them into the following formats in order to make your home video transfers playable in other countries.:

  • NTSC
  • PAL

We can also help make your home video transfers more fun to watch by adding in a variety of effects and musical backgrounds. Envision Video Services can also make several copies of your home movies via our fast, top quality duplication service. Whether you want it on DVD or on CD, we have the equipment needed in order to do the job.

Have film that hasn’t been developed yet? No problem. Bring the cartridge to us and we will take care of getting it developed and transferred for you. We are your one stop shop for everything film related.

In addition to home movie transfer services, we also transfer your still photos and slides onto video that you can watch along with background music, captions and other effects. These photo and slide keepsake videos make great presents for anniversaries, weddings and birthdays as well as family reunions and other special occasions. Here at Envision Video Services, when it comes to quality video services in New Jersey and beyond, we provide “Cutting Edge Technology, Old Fashioned Service!”

Feet Viewing Time
Super 8mm 50 3 min./20 sec
200 13 min./20 sec.
400 26 min./40 sec.
Regular 8mm 50 4 min./10 sec.
200 16 min./40 sec.
400 33 min./20 sec.
16mm 400 11 min.


Same day, Express, Night & Weekend service available.

Home Movie Set-Up Charge $19.95
8mm/Super 8 Film .18 Per Foot
16MM Film .18 Per Foot
8mm/Super 8 HD .32 Per Foot
8mm/Super 8 Sound HD
.40 Per Foot
Master VHS Tape $29.95
Master DVD* $29.95
Master Blu-Ray $59.95
Titles/Chapters $4.00/$4.00 Per Title/Chapter
Generic Music Included at no charge
Custom Music 15.00 per source
One Additional Copy $14.95
2 to 4 Copies $12.95
5 to 10 Copies $10.95
Minimum Film Order* $58.90
* 1 DVD master is needed for every 120 minutes. We add a generic music soundtrack to all silent film or use your original audio from your sound film. There is no additional charge for this service.

A Confusing Little Box

Years ago, you would purchase regular 8mm film in 25 foot, double 8mm lengths. After they were processed, these reels were returned to you in their original boxes…as 50 foot reels. There are no 25 foot film tape reels.

Films in Cartridges

Some movie films are in self-contained cartridges. We CAN transfer these; however, you will be charged $4.00 for each reel submitted. Note: These reels will be broken open and discarded. Your films will be put on regular movie film reels and returned back to you with your DVD.

  • All of your original films will be returned with your new DVD video.
  • We use only top quality, T-120 (2 hour) professional grade DVD-Rs and video tape. We record in the standard play mode.


DVD/VHS Time Length Guide
If you have… You’ll Need This Many DVDs or Video Tapes…
Regular 8mm 1 2 3 4
up to 1,600 ft. 1,600-3,200 ft. 3,200-4,800 ft. 4,800-6,400 ft.
Super 8mm up to 1,800 ft. 1,800-3,600 ft. 3,600-5,400 ft. 5,400-7,200 ft.
16mm up to 4,000 ft. 4,000-8,000 ft. 8,000-12,000 ft. 12,000-16,000 ft.

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